For the Health of the Servant(s) of God…

For the Repose of the Servant(s) of God…

“He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:29)

In referring to evil, Christ instructed His followers to pray and fast in order to drive the evil out. In memory of those who were murdered in the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States (June 12, 2016) opens a new page on the website for prayers for the living and deceased.

This page will serve anyone who wants to lists names for others to pray for. We encourage our readers and supporters to visit this page often, list those in need of prayers, and pray for those listed. In following Orthodox tradition, please list if the prayer is for the living – “for the health of” or for the deceased – “for the repose of the soul of”.

O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, in Your mercies and loving kindness, You regard the humble prayers of all who call upon You with their whole heart; incline Your ear and hear now my prayer. Amen



  1. Andriy Said,

    For the repose of the souls who were murdered in Orlando on June 11, 2016. Memory Eternal!

    For the health of those who were wounded in Orlando on June 11, 2016. Many Years!

    For the families and friends of those murdered or wounded. God grant you strength!

  2. Maria Said,

    For the health of Magdalena, Florence, and Frances. May God grant them many years!
    For the repose of the souls of Thomas, Jessica, Jocelyn, May, Mark, Peter, Beverly, and Lou. Memory Eternal.

  3. Martin Di Maggio Said,

    For the health of Gianni, May Almighty God grant him many years!
    Të parkales o Madh’yn’Zot

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